WholeSelf Massage Therapy


The Stripper


Take it all off when you smooth this creamy vanilla mud all over. Top to bottom and back again, let this detoxifying blend help you expel harmful pollution and keep youthful, healthy skin. Free-radicals are the pollution you encounter every day. They can be harmful to your long-term health and are also damaging to skins' elasticity, causing premature aging, wrinkles, and skin damage.

The Stripper should be applied to clean, dry skin and allowed to dry. Use for up to 15 minutes daily all over or on your face. Time will vary based on skin type.

Very Dry Skin: 2 minutes  •  Oily Skin: 15 minutes

Rinse off and enjoy a pure Posh clean, free of free-radical pollution.



Fragranced with natural vanilla essential oil

Loaded with mud and clay. Absorbs up to 1000 times its own

weight in dirt and free-radical pollution

Natural moisturizing agents including: aloe and glycerin

Paraben and paraffin-free

Preserved with tocopherol (vitamin E)

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